Chemical Dosing System

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Product introduction

Product Structure

    The Automatic Proportion Feeding System integrates online sensors, intelligence control instrument, precise screw pump, counterbalance valve, safety valve, damper, specialized chemical container and relative accessories.

     Integrated Automatic Proportion Feeding System can handle pre-set proportion feeding easily, and can also automatically match the quantity of liquids according to specific procedure parameter (namely PH, ORP and residual chlorine), pre-set concentration or consistency range.


Product Features

Compact structure

Small floor occupation

Convenient for transportation, installment and maintenance


Product Details 








How to Order

how to order



Product Application


It is applied in every fields need accurate calculation to save cost or control the quality of products.

Water treatment (polymer, sanitizer, acid, alkali, anti-sludging agent)

Food (food additives, spice, aseptic)

Beer and beverage (burdening kieselguhr, zymin)

Cement plant (cement dispersing agent)

Chemical engineering and petrifaction (craft media, adjuvant, catalyst)

Paper and pulp (dyestuff, acid, alkali, defoamer, decolorizer)

Chemical fiber (alkali, decolorizer, catalyst)

NI-MH battery plant (nickel sulfate, alkali, other agents)

Printing and dyeing (hydrogen peroxide and two agents)

Water works (flocculating agent, PH adjustment, ammonia, phosphate)

Power plant (coagulant, ammonia water, hydrazine)

Electron (circuit board corrosion)

Cosmetics (addition of materials and agents)

Boiler and dyestuff facility (agent)

Lubrication equipment (lubricating oil)

Cleaning equipment (cleaning agent)

Product Package

The products will be packed with standard export boxes before delivery.


About us

Shanghai QILEE is a company integrates the research and development, production and marketing of environmental protection equipment. It adheres to the corporate philosophy of “Quality first, Sustainable operation” since its foundation in 2006. It implements development strategic of “professionalization, scale and internationalization”. Shanghai QILEE keeps technical innovations constantly and provides superior products to meet the requirements of customers and market.

Shanghai QILEE brings in advanced foreign technology and originally designs and manufactures sludge dehydrators, automatic dissolvers, oil skimmers and agitators.

With our precious experience and professional knowledge, we will provide our best pre-sale and after-sale service for you.Work together with us, you will find enjoyable and successful business is so easy.

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