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Stacked Sludge Dewatering System for Oily Slurry

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  • Type:   QLD202
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Product introduction

Product Structure

  The main part of the dehydrator is a filter device that a screw runs through the stacked fixed rings and moving ring.

  The small gaps between fixed rings and moving ring can filter the sludge, and the lumen between screw and rings is filled with polymer grains. The moving ring transfers the sludge to the end of the machine with pressure and extrudes sludge cakes.

  The running of the screw drives the moving ring to clean the gaps and avoid jam.

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Product Features

1.Suitable for sludge dewatering of high/low consistency. When deal with low consistency sludge(2000mg/L), there is no need to build a thickening tank, storage pool. Reduce the cost and the release of phosphorus and Anaerobic stink.

2.There is no need to worry about jam up. Reduce the cleaning water consumption.

3. The electrical cabinet, disposal tank and dehydrator are integrated, which reduces the covering area and brings convenience to installment.

4.The dehydrator is enclosed working, which reduces the bad smell and improves the working environment.

5.Automatically working for 24 hours, reducing the labor strength of workers.

6.The slow running speed of screw shaft reduces the power consumption and noise.

7. It is made with stainless, extending the service life.

8.It is convenient for daily maintenance.


Product Details



How to Order

Product Parameter


Treating Capacity


Power Consumption


Cleaning Water Consumption


Macromolecule Polymer Addition Rate

2.0~4.0(kg/Ton D.S)

Maintenance Frequency


Water Pressure


Distance of Outlet Exit to Gound


Replacement Period of Screw Axis

3~11 year

Replacement Period of Moving Ring

1~4 year

DS Standard Capacity= Sludge flow* Sludge Consistency (DS refers to Dried Sludge)

In actual operation, the features of slurry, disposing approaches, running state and running time will affect the replacement cycle of the wearing parts. (the replacement period of wearing parts is calculated as 365 days/year, 8hours/day)



Product Application


City mixed raw sewage

Food & beverage industry

Chemical industry

Stone & mine sewage

Leather & tannery sewage

Paper & pulp sewage

Elecro-plating sewage

Pringting & dyeing sewage

Power plant

Petrochemical industry


Product Package

The product will be packed with wooden case before delivery.

About us

   Shanghai QILEE is a company integrates the research and development, production and marketing of environmental protection equipment. It adheres to the corporate philosophy of “Quality first, Sustainable operation” since its foundation in 2006. It implements development strategic of “professionalization, scale and internationalization”. Shanghai QILEE keeps technical innovations constantly and provides superior products to meet the requirements of customers and market.


  Shanghai QILEE brings in advanced foreign technology and originally designs and manufactures sludge dehydrators, automatic dissolvers, oil skimmers and agitators.

  With our precious experience and professional knowledge, we will provide our best pre-sale and after-sale service for you.

  Work together with us, you will find enjoyable and successful business is so easy.

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