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The 10th China Harbin international environmental protection water treatment water supply and drainage equipment and pump valve pipe exhibition

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  Tenth China Harbin International environmental water treatment equipment and water supply and drainage Valve & Pipe Trade Show

  Launch time :2010-4-20

  End Time :2010-4-22

  Venue: Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Centre

  Organizers: Harbin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Harbin Municipal Water Authority, Harbin Water Supply and Drainage Group Co., Ltd., Harbin City, Quality and Technical Supervision

  Show Information

  Time: April 20, 2010 -22 days

  Location: Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Centre


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  The annual "CHHE Harbin International environmental protection, water treatment, water supply and drainage equipment and pumps, valves, piping Exhibition" was held for the ninth, received the relevant government departments, industry associations, the three northeastern provinces and overseas environmental protection and water areas of the strong support and assistance was a great success, with its large scale, high professional standards, exhibitors and more new products on display, exhibit good results and far-reaching impact in the industry, reputation, the industry as Northeast "green water industry's first exhibition," is an indispensable annual Northeast regional industry meeting. The Chinese government is vigorously implementing the revitalization of old industrial bases in northeast China strategy. "Northeast" is becoming "Western Development" followed by a central key economic strategic plan, huge government investment and policy support for Chinese and foreign enterprises to create new business opportunities. April 20, 2010 至 22 days, we will hold the "Tenth China Harbin International environmental protection, water treatment, water supply and drainage equipment and pumps, valves, piping exhibition." Construction projects in full swing, and the acceleration of urbanization, environmental pollution problems have become increasingly prominent, how to improve urban waste water, waste gas treatment discharge standards and solid waste comprehensive utilization, vigorously develop the circular economy is to promote sustainable economic development strategy preferred mode and one important way. Municipal sewage treatment has begun to focus on increasing the environmental infrastructure investment, and actively implement sewage treatment concession, and actively promote, sewage treatment industry, industrial development. Construction sector and water environmental protection department implementation of ten key projects. Therefore, these initiatives are the environmental water treatment technology and equipment market demand is bound to large-scale expansion of the water pollution control and related fields to provide a great opportunity, we will fully exploit environmental information, technology, industry and market advantages for manufacturing Manufacturers, suppliers, and use of, the industry, domestic and foreign enterprises in the new round of economic revitalization in Northeast provide a new platform for the display and exchange platform and trading platform. And rely on the already formed industry influence, appeal, cohesion, and carefully build the most authoritative and professional Northeast of environmental water drainage industry event

  [Exhibition organization and promotion]

  By Harbin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Municipal Water Supply and Drainage Group, Municipal Water Authority, and other competent authorities to provide environmental protection, construction project bidding situation, as an exhibitor market development objectives. Organizations invited: Heilongjiang country, city, district Environmental Protection Bureau, Supply and Drainage Group, provincial and municipal environmental monitoring center, the city center of environmental pollution control project management, municipal environmental Sciences, Municipal Engineering Design Institute, provincial and municipal environmental protection industry associations and other units officers and project leader, Equipment Division, UNRWA, tender to do, buy personnel, as a professional audience, in order to purchase, visits and exchanges; water companies, sewage treatment plants, environmental engineering, health institutions, residential property management departments, hotels, public facilities, medical institutions, industrial areas, docks, stations and other industries procurement and technical personnel, domestic environmental sanitation equipment buyers, agents and distributors, to come to negotiate the exchange. Focus on promotional objects: urban and rural construction and environmental protection authorities, urban water supply and drainage company, construction units, real estate developers, urban water supply and drainage, construction companies, water supply and drainage water treatment equipment manufacturers, environmental engineering firms, research institutes, universities, experiment Room, Association (school) Council of experts and scholars, community professionals, we will, as always, for the majority participating manufacturers to provide more quality services, relying on our years of experience in organizing exhibitions and hard work, to organize more more professional audience participation, and fully guarantee the scale of the exhibition, the audience, the effect and the interests of exhibitors.

  [Harbin Business Opportunities

  1, will create the National Environmental Protection Model Harbin

  2, a plurality of sewage treatment plant will be built in Harbin

  Harbin will invest 1.2 billion yuan construction of sewage treatment works, Harbin will focus on accelerating urban centralized sewage treatment facilities, the construction of a number of sewage treatment plants. New 13 towns Zone centralized sewage treatment projects.

  3, Harbin will be invested nearly 200 million yuan, to speed up the key industrial enterprises in the construction of pollution control projects

  Harbin business opportunities, a broad market space waiting for environmental protection and water industries insight to explore!

  [Feature] Exhibition

  The exhibition area of 22,000 square meters, including indoor exhibition area of 12,000 square meters, 10,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition area. Participating countries and regions is expected to reach more than 10 foreign businessmen a thousand people, more than 20,000 domestic customers. 2009 exhibition visitors reached more than 20,000 people from the water conservancy, hydropower, water companies, pharmaceutical, construction, environmental, real estate, boiler, heating, fire, paper and other industries. In Russia and other CIS and Eastern European countries mainly to expand with neighboring countries and regions, environmental protection and water industries and trade cooperation; for manufacturers, suppliers, and use of other domestic and foreign-related enterprises in the new round of economic revitalization in Northeast provide a new display platform, communication platforms and trading platform. And rely on the already formed industry influence, appeal, cohesion, and carefully build the most authoritative and professional Northeast of environmental water drainage industry event

  【Exhibition】 2010 年 20 to 22 April

  【Venue】 China Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 301 Harbin Hongqi Street)

  [Setup] exhibition

  ◆ water, industrial pollution control technology, products, equipment exhibition: water conservation, urban water supply systems, sewage treatment, water resource conservation, water reuse, industrial wastewater treatment, medical treatment, seawater, brackish water desalination technology and equipment

  ◆ Atmospheric Pollution: Industrial waste gas purification, dust removal, desulfurization and other technical products and equipment, fly ash emissions have clean energy technologies desulfurization, denitrification technology, emission filtration technology, air pollution detection and analysis instrumentation technology and equipment, indoor pollution and engineering services;

  ◆ municipal waste and industrial hazardous waste: Waste collection, sorting facilities and technology, waste compression equipment, transport vehicles and technologies, waste landfill, incineration, biological treatment equipment, waste testing and monitoring technologies and products, waste recycling and public health, urban public toilets, mobile toilets and technology, industrial solid waste treatment technology and equipment;

  ◆ renewable energy and comprehensive utilization of resources: solar, wind, hydro, biogas, biomass, geothermal, energy (green) products and technologies, other clean energy technology and equipment, waste materials recycling technology and equipment;

  ◆ Noise and Vibration Control: Noise control system, noise detection device, noise prevention materials and products, noise processing technology;

  ◆ vehicle exhaust pollution control technology and equipment: cleaning equipment exhaust emissions, emissions testing system, fuel detergent (additive);

  ◆ other related technologies and equipment: environmental monitoring instruments and equipment, environmental services, and engineering support of products and equipment, environmental products and related materials.

  Second, the water industry exhibition

  ◆ drainage technology equipment (municipal, construction, industrial, fire): pumps, valves, seals, water supply equipment; pipe, tube, pipe, pipeline testing facilities and construction technology; vibration isolation, insulation materials and equipment; industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment technology and equipment, industrial water and urban water treatment technology and equipment; chemical physical treatment, biological treatment, sludge and residue treatment, desalination equipment, water equipment and technology, materials, water overall equipment and facilities;

  ◆ sewage treatment equipment: mixers, scrapers, decontamination machines, steam floating equipment, sand removing machine, suction machine, oil-water separation equipment, centrifuges, filter presses, thickeners, blowers, aerators;

  ◆ membrane and membrane separation technology and equipment: film, membrane, glass, steel pressure vessels, stainless steel pressure vessels, filtration and separation equipment; membrane separation-related technologies, materials, test equipment

  ◆ water disinfection and softening and demineralization: ozone generator, chlorine dioxide generators, ultraviolet disinfection, dosing equipment, chlorinators, reverse osmosis, water softener, EDI devices, magnetic electro-osmosis, deaerator, in addition to iron manganese, cleaning;

  ◆ water treatment chemicals and materials (water supply and drainage, cooling water, boiler water, oil and drinking water): flocculant, water purification agent, scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, biocide agents, cleaning agents, pre-film , defoamers, boiler water treatment agents and ion exchange resins, activated carbon, a filler, filter and other materials and application technology, equipment, and other agents and materials;

  ◆ drinking water equipment: domestic / commercial water machine, water dispenser, water purifier, water purifier accessories, filling equipment, IC card dispenser, car water dispenser, water machine, unboiled water machine; drinking water, bottled water, water purification equipment and drinking water-related equipment, equipment

  ◆ instrumentation and automation system: measuring and testing, analysis of experiments, monitoring, pressure, level, flow, temperature, water, water quality analysis, sensors, transmitters, inverter, control cabinet, system integration management; water monitoring systems and testing equipment, temperature control switches, other motors, other switches, other control devices, starters, remote meter reading system board

  ◆ Container: tanks, storage tanks, storage tanks, tank, plastic containers;

  ◆ water and wastewater resource application technology and equipment; desalination, brackish water desalination, water reuse related equipment and ancillary; construction, residential, agricultural, industrial water-saving new products and technologies; integrated water resources protection and utilization, Water equipment, irrigation equipment, etc.

  Qilee Shanghai Head Office

  Contact: Ms Miao

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