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Residential Reverse Osmosis Systems

2019/4/15 11:33:28      view:
Why would reverse osmosis systems residential promotion get started? It was the old "being in the right place at the right time." Reverse osmosis was developed over 40 years ago as an industrial method of removing minerals from water which, at the time, was needed for printing and photo processing. Increasing demand and popularity of home water treatment meant that the R.O. companies could step right in and tout their systems as "state of the art."

Another aspect of overkill lies in the fact that reverse osmosis systems residential water purifiers produce an inordinate amount of wastewater. This system uses lots of water to clean a little water. While it is possible to recover this wastewater, the cost is out of the reach of most consumers.

At the same time this water purification method is also underkill because, as previously mentioned, it can't remove synthetic chemicals. So you still may be exposed to harmful contaminants remaining in the water.

Further underkill is evidenced by the fact that residential reverse osmosis systems are commonly installed in the kitchen where they treat only drinking and cooking water. So what happens to the water dispensed by everything else in the house - - faucets, toilets, baths, showers, and washing machines? That water remains in its original unfiltered state - highly chlorinated and in some cases, foul smelling.

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