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Health Through Reverse Osmosis Systems is a Joke

2019/4/15 11:40:13      view:
To either guarantee, or to promise improved health through reverse osmosis is an absolute joke.  This system will remove precious little of what it is in our drinking water that threatens our health on a daily basis.  The only feature that this home system has that would be of any benefit to you is the activated granular carbon filter that it boasts, and this provides only a quarter of the protection that you need.

If you are receiving service through a municipal water treatment facility, then you have no need for home reverse osmosis systems.  This is because the primary function of R.O equipment is the demineralization of your drinking water, which is a step that is already taken care of for you by the R.O. filters at the treatment center.

The chances of maintaining good health through reverse osmosis are little more than those from continuing to drink unfiltered tap water.  There are thousands of chemical agents that an activated granular carbon filter is incapable of removing, and these include carcinogens.  Then of course there are the parasites and cysts that need to be removed

A multi media block, a sub micron filter, and an ion exchange are all features that home reverse osmosis systems don't offer you.  These three filters will remove the remaining chemicals that activated carbon cannot contain, the parasites and cysts that remain in your water, and the toxic heavy metals that are present.  This is the kind of thorough protection that you need.

Now that you understand that better health through reverse osmosis is a myth, maybe you will think about a purification system that provides you with the multi-level protection that you need.  A countertop or under-counter water purification system will offer you the same activated granular carbon filter that the other system does, and a whole lot more.

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