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Choosing A Hot Water System, Make The Right Choice

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·  Off peak electric - has similar running costs to a natural gas system but is only available where the water system has a storage capacity 170 liters plus. The water is generally heated overnight for use throughout the day. RO water system cannot be used by continuous flow systems and is available for both internal and external use systems.

·  Solar energy - can provide up to seventy percent of your hot water free of charge, making it a very environmentally friendly option. They are the cheapest RO water system to operate but do have a high initial purchase price. All solar hot water systems come with a "booster" source of power (such as gas or electric) to provide water during times when there is little sun. Mains pressure and constant pressure is available. For more information please see solar water systems.

·  Peak electricity - is used for electric continuous flow units and storage water heaters that are smaller than 170 liters in capacity. They can be expensive to run but are the most popular in areas where space is limited such as in units and apartments. For more information please see electric hot water systems.


·  LPG - is used in areas where natural gas is not available. It is suitable for both continuous flow and storage hot water.

·  Solid fuels - this includes wood, coal, briquettes etc, so the cost of the fuels can vary widely. Solid fuels can be used on their own with off peak electricity or solar in constant pressure systems. They cannot be used with mains pressure systems unless a heat exchanger is used and cannot be used in continuous flow systems.

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