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2010 Chongqing International environmental protection and energy saving technology exhibition

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  Launch time :2010-4-8

  End Time :2010-4-11

  Venue: Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Centre

  Organizers: Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Ministry and other

  Show Information

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  "Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair" by the State Ministry of Science, Chongqing Municipal People's Government, co-sponsored national, international, popular, professional, brand event, the city of Chongqing's first exhibition card. The last show gathered the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and other countries more than 20 exhibiting companies and organizations totaling more than more than 2000, the exhibition area of 40,000 square meters, the audience nearly 25 million people. Including professional audience of about 80,000 people.

  "2010 Chongqing International environmental protection and energy saving technology exhibition" is an important theme of the fair exhibition, got the attention and support of the government and the community affirmation and recognition, has become a domestic intergovernmental, inter-enterprise, government and inter-enterprise exchanges on the field of energy saving and cooperation an important window. The exhibition is that the financial crisis and energy savings held under the dual objectives, aims to accelerate the construction of the western region of Chongqing and to sustainable development and resource-saving society, promote energy conservation and emission reduction actions, the implementation of energy conservation responsibility promote energy conservation and technological progress, vigorously develop the circular economy, improve the strategic importance of energy conservation awareness, promote new technologies and to promote the application of new products. Also the current expansion of domestic demand and promote stable and rapid economic development of important measures. In this case, organizing the exhibition with more realistic meaning and significance.

  Hereby invites all levels of government departments, enterprises and institutions related to leadership, energy industries and new technologies (new products) development and application of units of the relevant personnel to participate in the meeting.

  Professional audience

  The exhibition is organized by government departments, industry authorities, industry associations full co-organized professional exhibition organization and implementation of the company's international conference, popularity, business opportunities, size, influence can not be questioned, in the professional audience organization: Organizing the establishment of professional Audience Organization Department, through the government issued a document, the Association issued a document, organize professional audience, but on the other hand, by the Executive Unit Chongqing Yu new exhibition company six years of accumulated 100,000 professional visitors database, will be invited to visit the conference, visiting groups, including:

  1, with enterprises and institutions of decision-makers, procurement, production and technical staff to discuss business, exchange of technology.

  Metallurgy, electric power, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, chemicals, petroleum, coal, building materials, textiles, machinery, transportation, glass, metal, leather, air conditioning, manufacturing, electroplating, electronics, footwear, plastics, clothing, packaging, food processing industry, real estate, hospitals, schools, waiting rooms, shopping malls, stadiums, entertainment centers, restaurants, hotels, finance, medical units and other venues, greenhouses and other places to visit quality buyers will negotiate.

  2, and design units, construction units, construction units of the responsible person to meet, get bids and sales opportunities.

  Design institutes, engineering companies, installation companies; industrial equipment, electrical and mechanical installation works; construction, water supply and drainage, HVAC, fire, gas installation works; petroleum, natural gas pipeline project; municipal, urban construction, water supply, gas supply, thermal, environmental protection and sewage treatment works, boiler, steam, heating, heating engineering and other relevant responsible person will go to visit, negotiate.

  3, international trade, domestic trade and other business opportunities;

  Manufacturers, sales agents, traders, import and export companies, international trading companies, part of the Government, the media unit and other enterprises to visit and negotiate.

  Scope of Exhibits

  ● State-certified energy-saving, energy-saving, water-saving, environmentally friendly products

  ● included in the "China Environmental Labeling Product government procurement list" of products

  ● The Energy Saving: Intelligent power-saving device, frequency conversion technology, demand side management technologies, energy efficient fans, pumps, motors, transformers, energy efficient lighting ice storage device

  ● Water: water-saving appliances, industrial water recycling, water reuse equipment, water-saving irrigation, planting, rainwater collection systems, waterproofing materials

  ● fuel, gas, coal: fuel additives, alternative fuels, gas, coal plant, boilers saving technologies, energy-saving heating systems

  ● new energy and renewable energy: biomass energy technologies, wind power systems, solar energy, methane gas and power generation and medium-sized cities in waste generation, geothermal power, ground source heat pump, hydro

  ● environmental technology and products: ambient water quality and wastewater monitoring equipment, air purification, sewage treatment, etc.

  ● industrial energy: heat and pressure utilization storage (cold) devices, cleaner production technologies

  ● Building Energy: Energy walls, energy-efficient windows and doors, energy saving building materials, exterior insulation and finish systems

  ● Transportation Energy: alternative fuel, methanol, ethanol fuel, hybrid, electric vehicles, energy-saving type of traffic signal devices, green energy transport

  ● Data Utilization: industrial waste, waste recycling technology, coal gangue, saving timber technology

  ● Energy measurement control and laboratory techniques: measuring instruments, analytical instruments

  ● Energy management, evaluation, consulting services: domestic and international advanced energy saving ideas, products, technology and management services

  ● City key industries, key enterprises and projects of energy saving technological achievements demonstrate; city circular economy demonstration areas and demonstration projects enterprise circular economy development results

  Qilee Shanghai Head Office

  Contact: Ms Miao

  Tel :+86-021-51697580, 51697585

  Fax :021-51687968

  Express Address: Longming Road, Minhang District, Room 220, No. 2769

  Post Code: 201101