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Our ion fiber cloth-media filter halped to environmental protection of Chongming

2013/7/23 12:10:50      view:
On Jan. 22, 2013, the employees from R&D Tech Department and Production Department of Techase went to Yu An Sewage Plant, Chenjia Town, Chongming Island to investigate the onsite operation of our ion fiber cloth-media filter.

Since the beginning of Year 2012, the filtration pool of Yu An Sewage Plant has been running for nearly one year. According to onsite investigation, the cloth-media filter was stable, producing clear water which meets standard Grade I A. Especially, the back purging system with automatic rectification function firstly adopted improved obviously than the back purging systems in previous generations in terms of functionality and stability, encouraging our R&D and technical personnel to conduct technical innovation more confidently and diligently. 

Protecting environment and water resources are our responsibilities and obligations assigned by the society. It is glad that the ion fiber cloth-media filter developed by us can contribute to the deep processing of contaminated water and reclaimed water reuse.