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What You Should Know About Residential Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Residential reverse osmosis systems have been in the marketplace since the 1970s. The technology was developed in the 1950s. Originally used in industrial applications and municipal water plants, these systems started making their way into residential use very shortly thereafter. However, this technology is not only outdated and inefficient, it was never meant to be used for home water filtration purposes in the first place.

There is a better alternative to residential reverse osmosis systems.

The most effective method of obtaining high quality, fresh tasting drinking water is multi-stage filtration. These types of purifiers are equipped with two filters--one that filters out harmful substances such as chlorine out of drinking water, and the other for restoring proper pH balances to water. (Even though municipal water plants use chlorine to disinfect water, it is often present in our tap water, and in large quantities can make you sick). Unlike the bottled water industry, the water filtration products is very highly regulated in the United States and other countries, so claims made by manufacturers must meet the muster of regulatory agencies.

Multi-stage filtration systems, as opposed to residential reverse osmosis systems, also usually feature ion exchange systems. It balances mineral content in the filtered water supply, by removing unneeded calcium and magnesium, while adding sodium and potassium ions, through a zeolite resin bed.

Reverse osmosis residential systems, as mentioned before, simply force water through a membrane, utilizing a lot of excess water. Reverse osmosis, in fact, was a process developed merely for industrial use in the 1950s and began being used for commercial purposes in the 1970s after a heightened awareness of lead poisoning and better consumer education led to an increased demand for water filters.

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