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Water Purification Equipment - Don't Take This Lightly

2019/3/14 17:45:14      view:
Quality of water has deteriorated to a stage where besides the usual contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals, and microorganisms, pharmaceutical drugs, industrial pollution, sewage leakage, and other man made chemicals byproducts. The pollution does not only happen on the surface but to the deep ground water as well since injection wells are one of the means industry uses to diminish the local and immediate consequences of their pollutants.It is estimated that each year, 34 billions liters of hazardous liquid waste is injected into the deep groundwater. Just imagine over a period of time, what sort of consequences will really impact and affect our health. Already, evidence suggests that groundwater supplies in Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and Ohio have been compromised by these same pollutant migrating from deep water aquifers.

Many sewage treatment facilities are old and in disrepair, they simply not able to cope with the increased populations that they serve. Falling facilities and inability to process causing spillage of raw sewage directly into a water resource. A scary estimate of 850 BILLION gallons of raw sewage entered rivers, lakes and streams. On top of that, spillage and leakage of fuels, oils and additives, especially gas is an increasing concern as fuel storage tanks leak into the ground and groundwater. It is estimated by the EPA that there are over 100,000 leaking fuel tanks in the US.

Pesticides that are being used all over the world as a means of increasing crop production by poisoning and killing insects by the trillions, also turning up in our groundwater and becoming part of our diet. Excessive use of fertilizers in boosting crop production, are less harmful, but providing high nutrient content to the water. This has negatively proliferated the growth of algae and aquatic plants, which ultimately die and decay in water, diminishes oxygen content and devoid of much life.

I don't intend to go on telling about the pollution and contaminants that get into our water, instead I will focus on water purification equipment that is effective in removing these contaminants. The public water works department has the filtration systems that are only able to separate sediments, particles and kill certain bacteria using chlorination. These are old establishment which have not been optimized or upgraded to deal with latest contaminants like industrial chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs. So, it very important for individual household to have their own water purification equipment that is able to handle these new age contaminants.