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The development of the filter press market—Qilee expert

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  Mineral Resources is a finite non-renewable resources, with the development of industry, have fewer and fewer, mined ore has been faced with a "poor, small, miscellaneous conditions, in order to save resources, avoid waste, people have to ore worn thin, and thin, mud, sticky materials, solid-liquid separation. Mineral processing, metallurgy, petroleum, coal, chemical, food, environmental protection and other social needs of the industry, stimulating the use and development of solid-liquid separation technology and equipment.

  The filter press has been able to flourish development and is widely used in various industries, its superiority is positive pressure, pressure pressure dehydration than the traditional vacuum filter differential pressure is much greater, and thus low cake moisture, energy consumption metal loss, the filtrate is clear and transparent. As early as ten years ago, some experts pointed out that the filter press is to ensure that only all industrial filter cake moisture is below 10%, but without the excellent equipment of the flocculant.

  Pressure filter on the filter plate in the form van and frame style points; filter plate placed position, vertical and horizontal points; on different filter plate material, plastic, rubber, cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, stainless steel points; on the filter plate is configured with a rubber squeeze film, squeezing out of water and do not squeeze the dehydration of the points; filter plate configuration, the number of filter cloth surface, single-sided dewatering and double-sided dewatering of the points and so on. But regardless of the filter press, its working principle first positive pressure extreme pressure dehydration, also known as slurry into the dehydration, a certain number of filter plates in the role of strong mechanical forces are tightly arranged in a filter plate surface and the filter plate surface formed between the filter chamber, filter material in a strong positive pressure into the filter chamber into the filter chamber, filter materials the solid part of the filter media (such as cloth) interception form a filter cake, the liquid portion of the discharge through the filter media filter chamber, so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation, with the positive pressure of increased pressure, the solid-liquid separation is even more thorough, but the energy and cost considerations, pressure is not worth the high positive pressure. Into the slurry dewatering, equipped with a rubber squeeze film filter, compressed media (such as gas, water) into the back of the squeeze film to promote the squeeze film to squeeze the filter cake further dehydration, called the squeezing out of water. Into the pulp dehydration or squeezing out of water, compressed air enters one side of the cake of filter chamber through the filter cake, to carry the other side of the liquid water from the filter cake discharge filter chamber through the filter cloth and dehydration, is called the wind and dehydration. If the sides of the filter chamber are deposited there cloth, the liquid portion of the absorbed through the filter chamber the sides of the filter cloth to discharge filter chamber for the filter chamber sided dehydration. Dehydration is complete, lift the mechanical pressing force of the filter plate, a single block gradually pull the filter plate, respectively, open the filter chamber for cake discharge for a major cycle is complete. Depending on the nature of the filter materials, filter presses can be set into the pulp dehydration, squeezing out of water, wind and dehydration or single-, double-sided dewatering, the purpose is to minimize the filter cake moisture.

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