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What types of sludge are there?

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What types of sludge are there?

1.Primary sludge: primary sludge that has not been treated with sludge. Residual sludge from secondary sedimentation or a mixture of the two.

Primary sludge: sediment discharged from a primary sedimentation tank.

2. Activated sludge: the floccus containing various aerobic microbial communities is propagated in the aeration tank.

3.Surplus sludge: activated sludge is discharged from the secondary sedimentation tank (or sedimentation zone) in the activated sludge system.

4.Secondary sludge: sediment discharged from the settling zone.

5.Backflow sludge: activated sludge separated from secondary sedimentation (or sedimentation zone) and returned to the aeration tank.

Sludge gas: in the anaerobic digestion of sludge, there are things produced by the decomposition of gas, the main components of methane and carbon dioxide, and a small amount of hydrogen nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide. Commonly known as biogas.

6.Digestion sludge: sludge after anaerobic digestion or aerobic digestion, so the concentration of organic matter has a certain degree of decline, and more stable.


There are six types of sludge, so we need to take different measures to achieve better results.If you want to know more about relevant knowledge,you can visit the website for more information.