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Home Water Treatment System - 7 BIG Reasons to Get One in Your Home

2019/3/13 23:16:55      view:
A home water treatment system may be the best investment you could ever make to improve and preserve your family's health and well-being.  In fact, here are 5 BIG reasons why every single house SHOULD have a home water treatment system.
REASON #1. There are so many health risks that come with drinking tap water that's contaminated.  We use chlorine (a chemical with known adverse health effects) as the primary disinfectant in our water system.  There have been over 2,000 synthetic chemicals found in the tap system that are carcinogenic! On top of this, we have to worry about consuming other contaminants like traces of lead, herbicides, pesticides, solvents, chlorinated byproducts (THMs), cysts and other chlorine-resistant parasites. 
REASON #2. The technology in our municipal treatment facilities is old and out-dated.  All they do is filter out all the visible stuff and then add chlorine is disinfect it.  A home water treatment system acts as the final step to assuring all the water you consume is safe, pure, and healthy.

REASON #3. If you have kids, then they are even more vulnerable to contaminants in drinking water.  Children are not 'little adults.'  Their immune systems are under-developed, making contaminants much more dangerous when consumed.  Plus, children absorb 3 times as much water per pound of body weight, which means they get even bigger doses of these contaminants than humans do.

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REASON #4. Maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) are not safe for children and even some adults.  When the EPA determines MCLs, they pick levels that they ASSUME are safe for a 175-pound adult.  They also assume that only that one contaminant is in the water as well.  And mothers are using this water to make baby-formula!
REASON #5. A home water treatment system is actually a pretty cheap investment.  You don't have to buy popular brand-name systems that cost an arm and a leg to get.  The one we use in our home only cost us $100, and just $50 for each 6-month replacement filter.  And it's just as good at removing contaminants, if not better, than more expensive systems.
REASON #6. You can even SAVE MONEY by getting a home water treatment system.  Do you buy bottled water every week?  How much do you spend?  I know I use to spend close to $40 EACH MONTH!  With a home water treatment system, I get a whole gallon of it for only 9 cents!
REASON #7. There are so many health benefits of drinking pure, healthy water.  Besides keeping your body hydrated, pure and healthy water is the top detox tool for the body, it improves the look and feel of your skin, increases your focus and concentration throughout the day, reduces everyday aches and pains, gives you more energy through the day, and even speeds up your metabolism to help you loose weight