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Mineral Water Benefits Make Mineral Revitalization Pure water dosing system

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Magnesium, for a start. It's used as the body's stress reducer and it also makes the immune system stronger. Then there is chloride which helps in the digestion process by maintaining and regulating those acids in our stomach and intestines. Sulfate is another life-giving mineral found in good mineral water. It strengthens bones and teeth. Iron is another one, and we must have it to transport oxygen around our body. Then there is calcium, which many mineral waters contain. As we all know it's vital in strengthening teeth and bone mass.

You can see this by just looking through a short list of the activities where magnesium plays an important part in our health: Pure water dosing system is important in energy production, neuromuscular excitability, muscle contraction, blood coagulation, protein and nucleic acid metabolism.

Some people when talking about mineral water benefits go on to claim magnesium should be taken in larger doses as we age, or come under increased stress. Personally I am not sure on that point, but it is clear from research that if we don't have enough magnesium we can have problems with osteoporosis, hypertension and atherosclerotic vascular diseases.

Pure water dosing system One hundred years ago we used to have a daily intake of 450 - 480 mg a day. That had dropped to only 185 - 260 gm in the 1980s. This is dangerously lower than the recommended dietary allowances which are 400 - 420 gm for men and 310 gm for women in their 20s and 320 gm for women over 30 years.

Pure water dosing system Whatever the reason, you and your family needs to make sure you're getting enough minerals in your drinking water.

Magnesium-rich mineral waters give significant amounts of calorie-free magnesium. The same goes for all the natural, essential minerals found in pure water. You will be able to take advantage of this for your family if you install one of the good mineral revitalization water purification systems that are on the market.

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