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Dewatering Selection Considerations

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  How  to  Selection Considerations?

  Selecting the most effective dewatering equipment for an application can be summed into four major considerations. These are the drying requirements, the cost constraints, the sludge characteristics, and the available area,said  by Qilee  expert.

  The drying requirements and cost constraints will come first in the selection process. Most importantly, the selected method must be able to dewater the sludge to the desired level within a certain period of time. The costs associated with chemical usage, capital (including the machine and all auxiliary equipment and fixtures), and operation may also render some methods impractical.

  In addition, an engineer or industrial buyer must keep in mind that equipment compatibility can be affected by the corrosion potential of the sludge, hazardous contaminants, moisture content, and its level of digestion. It may also require equipment to be constructed with durable, possibly expensive materials. Though most machines come in various sizes, the area available may also need to be compared to the size requirements of different methods.

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