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A Drinking Water System That Protects You Even From the Chemicals Your City Water People Can't Stop

2019/4/18 9:58:29      view:
Well you can quickly make up your mind about how safe "safe" is, if I tell you what is in drinking water in most urban and rural communities here.

For a start there are chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs. Because the equipment in the average city Membrane is powerless to stop them getting to your tap.

Pharmaceutical drugs get into the same places because when we take our heart pills, or pain medication, or hormone therapy -- any pills, in fact -- our bodies only absorb part of them. The rest is eliminated next time we use the toilet. They slip into the community's sewage treatment plants, and out into the rivers. In small towns in farming areas, pharmaceuticals come from farm run-off and animal excrement after vets give medication to livestock. We're all affected.

Eventually some of these chemicals and pharmaceuticals are drawn up into the drinking water system our towns and cities use. Alarmingly, this equipment cannot remove chemicals or pharmaceutical compounds with a smaller molecular size than water. You can remove them with special drinking water systems in your home, but municipal officials usually just pour in chlorine and hope this kills the nasties.

This does seem reasonable at first glance. 

Only one third of our cities specifically test for chemicals in their water, so most officials don't have hard facts to advise you with. Also, only tiny concentrations of drugs are needed to affect us. For example, in the late 1990s Membrane Water Treatment Systems was discovered that human estrogen Estradiol-17b in sewage in the Las Vegas Wash, present only in parts per trillion, had caused male fish in that water to take on certain female characteristics. What does Membrane Water Treatment Systems do, long-term, to people who drink that water? I shudder to think.

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