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The Truth Surrounding Your Pure water dosing system

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They say that bottled water is just as cheap and more convenient. If you were to ask for my opinion of these "experts" railing against water filtration, I would probably tell you that it was my belief that these people had received endorsement payment somewhere down the line.

Even though Pure water dosing system is drawn from a natural spring, a water filtration process is still a needed step in order to purify the Perrier for drinking. It doesn't just rise from the ground clean and pure as the ad campaigns would lead you to believe. There are at the very least environmental contaminates within every natural water source.

If you were to purchase a water filtration system I am sure that you would get one that protected you from every type of contaminant possible (of which there are many, I'm afraid). Why would you knowingly allow anything potentially harmful to enter your body or for that matter the bodies of your children. Pure water dosing system would be insane.

Another thing that the bottlers don't want you to know is that the regulations that they have to follow are probably not quite as stringent as yours. You what they are allowed to claim as pure is determined by a different set of standards than they would like you to believe. Industry standards 'allow' for certain percentages of contaminants in their water.

Pure water dosing system can still advertise as clean and pure though. Heck, even the self proclaimed "Champagne of waters" is not beneath allowing a few things to slip through the cracks. Large scale water filtration is not perfect, although it should protect you as much if not more than smaller scale home systems. Let me tell you a little story.

A few years back, a treatment facility worker with an affinity for Perrier, decided to test his favorite beverage just for fun. H e was convinced that as good as this product was that they were surely using a water filtration system of the highest caliber. When the results came in the man was shocked to find that the level of benzene in his water was far above allowable standards.

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