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Filter press chemical separation technology—Qilee expert

2013/7/23 13:13:45      view:

  The importance and diversity of the chemical separation technology determines its complexity. For distillation, extraction of these more mature technology, multi-component system of large equipment design is still a difficult task, the problem is lack of reliabledesign of the basic characteristics of data and the large tower method. For high temperature, high pressure, multi-component and astrong non-ideal system, not only the balance data and the molecular diffusion coefficient is difficult to accurately calculate, even theinterfacial tension, viscosity and other physical data are also difficult to obtain.

  More a lack of basic characteristics of the data of the catalyst and reactive extraction of a coupling separation techniques. Largetowers designed to enlarge the main difficulty lies in tower two-phase flow and mass transfer characteristics are very complexdigital model is not perfect. Followed over a hundred years, although the equilibrium stage model is simple and intuitive, but for the shortcomings of multi-component separation process is obvious. Non-equilibrium model known as "likely to create significant plateseparation equipment design and simulation into the 21st Century" advantages, but the lack of mass transfer coefficientexperimental data and model parameters too much difficulty, to engineering applications. Has developed a powerful software hasbeen applied in engineering design, engineering experience and a laboratory test is stillindispensable.

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