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Centrifuge fault and maintenance are introduced

2013/7/23 10:38:47      view:
Failure analysis
Initialized by centrifuge power supply is turned on, the first process, to test the core circuit, if the initialization process problems, in the down state into dead circulation, according to the fault phenomenon can preliminary judgment of this machine is not initialized process, lead to no initialization process of the main reasons are:
(1) on the control panel of the microprocessor upd7810 not reset;
(2) no clock signal;
(3) in the ROM program damage;
(4) microprocessor upd7810 damage
Maintenance and repair methods
In the process of repair should be taken to the principle of easy after a hard first, first check the reset condition of microprocessor. With low level signal instantly sent to the microprocessor upd7810 28 feet reset the machine open, into the normal working state, the display panel is working properly, it said ?