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Do you know the principle of sludge concentration and dehydration?

2019/3/1 13:18:11      view:

The water in the sludge is combined water and free water, and the sludge particles are highly hydrophilic, so it is difficult to conduct direct dehydration.


The commonly used sludge concentration method is to use macromolecular coagulant to agglutinate hydrophilic particles through the treatment of conjugate charge, and take advantage of the difference in specific gravity between hydrophilic particles and water.


Including 2-4 of concentration of sludge in sludge dewatering area shear dehydration area to form gradually dehydration, sludge of floccules through free infiltration extrusion particles and water, and small molecules through the filter, so as to reduce the water content of filter cake.


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